Church Fundraising

A car donation is a courteous and easy way to contribute to a noble cause. Within the Sharefaith Giving control panel, you can create funds that you can sort donations by. Whenever someone uses a form, registers for an event, or uses text giving, you can set up funds that receive the gifts that come in through each method and track how much of your tithes and donations go toward each one.
Double the Donation can help your church maximize the giving power of your congregation, no strings attached. Facebook collects a small fee for processing payments, allowing church donations your church to get more from your congregants' gifts. This time too, set up a donation table which has details of how effectively you use the money donated by the donors.

The Givelify mobile giving app is faster than online giving and easier than text-to-give, making it the best option during service or on the go. The free Givelify mobile giving app lets you give quickly and easily, and accurately track your donations.
It's essentially a way for your church to track all of your donations without being restricted on the size of your database—it speeds up the process of entering your donations, prepares contribution reports, and also produces year-end tax statements.
Generate quick and easy one-time payments or gifts with a mobile card reader. Enabling people to make a one off donation online can really increase the amount your church can raise for specific appeals and one off events. Our unique WooCommerce Online Giving plugin syncs all of the church WooCommerce card payment information with their donor account at Online Giving allowing the church to have synced tokens and donor information between both systems.

Online donations increase your bottom line. Online Giving lets you at any time to set up an automatic donation plan, change your donation plan, make a one-time donation or view your online donation history. The bank account may be changed or deleted at any time.
The easier your mobile donation page is to find and use, the more people will stumble upon it and choose to use it. You can go directly to , or you can go to , click My Account and Ward at the top right of the page, and then click the Donations link under the My Ward section.
You'll be able to brand the experience, create custom fundraising campaigns, set donors up for recurring giving , and completely track and manage all the information. If you have an existing account, we will email a password reset. Donors can give through this easy application after downloading it on their mobile devices.

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