Ceramic Coating

Opti-Coat Pro+ Ceramic Car Paint Protection Coating and Opti-Guard Interior Protection Coatings are professional use only protection products and available only through our exclusive network of authorised dealers. Specialising in a 'better than new' finish with certified skills and professional paint protection service is the maintenance solution to help prevent bonding of contamination such as hard water deposits, bug splatter and other airborne contamination.
Once the coating is applied, it requires 12-24 hrs of curing time. Also it would be better if you buy a mat that easy to clean, because auto detailing canberra you will have to clean these mats from time to time than it is to have to sweep and mop your whole ceramic tile floor more regularly.

Ceramic Pro is a unique Nano-Ceramic based Paint Protection coating that forms a permanent adhesion to your factory paint work once applied by the professionally trained technician, protecting it indefintely against Bird Droppings, Tar, Tree Sap, UV, Oxidization, Industrial Fall Out and other harmful contaminants.
The Rolls Royce of wide hair straighteners would have to be Cloud Nine's The Wide Iron Ideal for the longest, thickest hair you can create a range of hair styles with this multi award-winning iron equipped with extra wide, floating, mineral-coated ceramic plates and five different temperature settings.
The 2 bucket method is probably the most popular method amongst people simply because they don't have access to HP. It's far from giving wrong advice because it far outweighs the risk of placing a dirty sponge or mitt back into your washing solution.

Cleaning time and frequency are dramatically reduced so you can focus on the important things you want to do. EnduroShield protects against staining and etching and can be used for a variety of applications from the smallest bathrooms to the largest architectural installations.
Your car needs to be already really clean before you use it, otherwise it will scratch the paint. A ceramic coating for cars provides a barrier which protects from this effect. Without proper paintwork decontamination and polishing, the lifespan of the coating is greatly reduced.

No, We take care of cleaning the vehicle, decontaminating and preparing the paint work before we apply the Ceramic Pro Paint Protection. Other factors that affect the cost include the type of detailing required before the ceramic coating is applied to ensure the coating performs at its best, and how many layers of ceramic coating you apply to the vehicle.
Obsession Car Detailing in Canberra have produced some stunning work, they would be well worth a call. Im not a car detailer and dont profess to be but you come across as someone who may know something about it but then post silly comments about your washing procedure.
Is a guaranteed protection for your paintwork which protects and adds value to your car. A lot of our detailing work comes from people who have had a panel beater ruin their cars in their attempts to "detail" them. It is thicker, stronger and many times more scratch resistant than any of the inferior products sold at car dealerships.

I get that but Ceramic Pro doesn't claim to be a glass coating, so unless you are in the habit of setting your car on fire I just don't understand the relevance of that video. Ceramic Pro Paint Protection is fully chemical resistant so your paint work is always protected from damaging environmental fall out.
Canberra motorists who purchase car wash and detailing products through us can also expect to have access to highly sophisticated coating products. Possibly, but these coatings (despite those "amazing" videos you see on the net) are only slightly more robust than your typical clear coats, except the really soft ones or poorer quality ones.

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